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Serenbe Stories


A podcast chronicling life in the leading wellness community, Serenbe. Founder Steve Nygren shares his story of how an afternoon drive changed his family’s life. How he chose to leave the city, his job, the big house and and all that Atlanta offered to instead wrap his arms around his family and move full time to the country. Steve will share how this began a new chapter in his life to focus on what he could control rather then on what was beyond his control. This move led to his 7 years in the wilderness of retirement cutting trails in the woods and spending time with his family on the farm. Another wake up call came in the form of a bulldozer and the result is Serenbe, what began as a reaction to save his backyard, became a way to show the balance between development and land preservation – he’ll discuss how 100 years ago we had this balance naturally. He’ll talk about how we resist or ignore issues out of fear vs. thinking about common sense solutions. Most importantly he’ll talk about the connection to nature, biophilia, and each other that is vitally important for individual and community wellness. Join Steve on his journey of stepping into nature and taking control of life.

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