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Hamlin's Big Wheels Keep On Turning with Stacy Simmonds

May 17, 2021 Serenbe / Stacy Simmonds Season 5 Episode 12
Serenbe Stories
Hamlin's Big Wheels Keep On Turning with Stacy Simmonds
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Stacy Simmonds had a long career in retail, branding, and sales, all the while with a lifelong dream of opening her own store. Before settling in Serenbe, Stacy, and her husband, Jason, lived in cities all over the country. She didn't know it at the time, but everywhere she lived she was acquiring the inspiration for what is now Hamlin, her modern lifestyle store in the Selborne neighborhood. The relaxing in-store atmosphere, the curated "necesary(ish)" products, and the amazing experiences she creates, including an Adult Big Wheel Race, are all about "making adults feel like kids again."

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Hey guys, it's Monica here. I wanted to tell you about a new podcast that I've started with my very good friend, Jennifer Walsh called biophilic solutions. Our last season of ceremony stories, building a biophilic movement was so popular that we decided to dedicate an entire podcast to it every other week. Jennifer and I will sit down with leaders in the growing field of biophilia. We'll talk about local and global solutions to help nurture the living social and economic systems that we all need to sustain. Future generations more often than not. Nature has the answers. You can find biophilic solutions on apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe and follow us today. So you don't miss an episode.

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All right, now let's get back to ceremony stories. Stacy Simmons had a long career in retail, branding and sales all the while with a lifelong dream of opening her own store before settling in ceremony, she and her husband, Jason lived in cities all over the country. She didn't know it at the time, but everywhere she lived, she was acquiring the inspiration for what is now Hamlin her modern lifestyle store in the Selborne neighborhood, the relaxing and store atmosphere, the curated necessary ish products and the amazing experiences she creates, including an adult big wheel race are all about making adults feel like kids again, because

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It, we just, we just want everybody to have a good time. And we just want to give back to, you know, everyone in a community that supports us. You know, I can't say enough, especially in the last year, all the residents and people that kept my door open people that called people that made orders. That's what big wheels at the end of the day is about.

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So want to welcome everybody back to ceremony stories today, we have one of our residents who also owns a beautiful shop in Sarah and B. So I want to say hi to Stacy. Hey Stacy, how are you?

1 (1m 52s):
I'm great. Thanks for having me.

0 (1m 54s):
And Steve is with us. Of course. How are you doing Steve this morning?

2 (1m 58s):
Good morning, Stacy. Good morning,

0 (2m 1s):
Stacy. Your, your other half is not with us today. Jason. I know that he is your partner in crime, not only in life, but in the store. I wanted to just note that that he's going to be a big part of our conversation today. I think as well as all about how you got here, the store and what you're up to. So one of the first things we ask everybody is Stacy. How did you find out about Sarah and B? How did you come to live with us?

1 (2m 27s):
Well, it started a few years ago when we were invited to a dinner, we owed somebody a birthday dinner and he had suggested the hill and it was the best burger. So we said, let's go for your birthday. We had kind of already knew about Sarah and B through Jason's work, but we had never been. So we drove down from the city from Atlanta and gave ourselves 30 extra minutes to kind of just park and wander. And that's kind of where that all started, wandering the streets of Sarah and Bea and sort of taking in all the details and saying, what, what is this place?

1 (3m 10s):
This feels so special. And, you know, had a wonderful meal at the hill, a great dinner with a good friend. And it just kind of stuck with us from that evening forward. Once we went back to the city, Seren B was kind of part of a conversation. And we were curious about the community.

0 (3m 29s):
And were you guys living, how long were you living in Atlanta? Cause I feel like you'd lived around the country. You guys had been bopping around LA maybe for a moment. And tell us a little bit about how you even came to Atlanta.

1 (3m 41s):
Yeah, we, we really lived all over all over the country. You know, we, we grew up in the Midwest, we headed out to the east coast for careers, you know, then we were in New York city, we moved to LA and a few other spots in between. We basically got married and just decided to sort of hit the road. It wasn't your normal, get married, get a house, start to nest sort of life. But it was great. It is still is great and work brought us to Atlanta. So we found ourselves in the old fourth ward and found ourselves staying in Atlanta for, you know, more than, you know, the past couple of years we had been popping around, like you had said, and really liked Atlanta.

1 (4m 28s):
And Jason continued to find work here in Atlanta. And so we thought, well, maybe this is where we maybe put some roots down. And so that's when we started to look for a possible potential future home, but not really knowing what we were looking for. Right.

0 (4m 45s):
Well old for four, excuse me. Old fourth ward is super cool neighborhood. And so those were Ponce city market is, and the belt line goes through and it's sort of like a very hip up and coming or has been up and coming neighborhood. So what got you guys out of there? Cause you know, city's a lot of fun.

1 (5m 3s):
That's true. And we've lived in any many great cities and so, you know, but we, we really like to explore and try new places. We're really open to any kind of new community or neighborhood or city. And, and so I think we took another drive down to Sarah and Biana Saturday when we had some free time and we just really kind of liked how we felt when we were down here, we slowed down, we had more conversations. We, a lot of the times looked up at the sky at the stars, which is something in the city you don't, you don't do because you can't see them. So you don't take those moments that we just realized it's it mattered to us, but we had never really thought about that.

1 (5m 52s):

2 (5m 52s):
Amazing how the steps outside the hill across your shop, our major star gazing, it's all the city people that come out for dinner and it's, it. It always amazes me, but it doesn't surprise me. They're all stop and look up and say, oh my gosh, stars. And you get in the city, you don't see. Right?

0 (6m 16s):
No. And that's a great point, Steve, it's such a good vantage point. And again, for those who are listening, these are like the hill sits on a hill. And so the steps up, there's this wonderful little, like, I don't know, moment before you go down the steps. And even I left the other day out of the hill and sort of had that moment. I think the moon was coming up and just sort of you're at this perfect vantage point. And actually that's sort of just barely across the street from your store. Right. So once you guys sort of, sort of felt this, like something was pulling you down here, when you came down, did you know you wanted to buy, did you think about renting? I'm trying to think you guys live in Moto. And did you guys rent before or did you move right into your cottage over there?

1 (7m 0s):
No, we moved right in and in fact we were the second couple to move into motto when it was still really, really? Yeah. It was just starting. Yeah. You've literally

2 (7m 11s):
Watched Moto bill all around

1 (7m 14s):
You. We D we have, yes. You guys are pioneers. That's right. Yeah. Yeah.

0 (7m 20s):
And so you moved into that cute little space and I feel like did the sharps help you or had they already picked out the finishes? I can't remember. Was that Mac McKinney that built that?

1 (7m 32s):
No, the sharps did help us. I think we had another interior designer, but I think they were shifting gears. And so that's when the sharps came in at that time when we were moving in,

0 (7m 46s):
I love the finishes in there. Just like your store. So, so when you guys moved in, did, were you like, oh yeah. Well, we've always wanted to open a store or did something draw you to do that? Like, so you guys move here, you've got this cute house.

1 (8m 5s):
That's right. I was still working remotely and, you know, opening a store had always been a dream of mine from being little and going through college. I mean, so many times I would have relatives and other people say, I know you're going to open a store one day and that was my dream, but going to school and then getting into the corporate world, you know, life catches up with you in that way. And I thought maybe at later in life, this, this will be something that will happen. I just didn't think that it would present itself so early, but I'm grateful for that.

1 (8m 46s):
And yeah. And so it's just something that I've always wanted to do. And basically I've, you know, lived in the fashion retail world. I've got, you know, 15 years of experience, like a decade of experience in branding and marketing for a small startups most recently. And so it just kind of felt like it was time to maybe do my own thing. I finally felt like this opportunity is presenting itself. This feels really crazy, but no one's telling me no and the doors keep opening and let's just go with it, you know? Yeah. It was maybe a moment, a moment of insanity, but it's definitely something that I needed to, to move forward and to do it.

0 (9m 27s):
I love it. Tell us a little bit more about your retail and brand background. Had you done in-store work in retail before, or had it been more on the sales side?

1 (9m 37s):
Yes, it's, I've, I've worked for many different departments, but, but my love and focus has always been on store experiences when I was in college and with the company, a couple of companies that I have worked for, that's always something that has just, just really clicked with me. And I, I understand the relationship between the customer and what you're providing for the customer, not only products, but an experience. And so that's always been a passion of mine, whether it's an in-store experience or even producing an event or something like that, it's all about that experience. And that's where my passion lies.

0 (10m 16s):
And you and Jason, I think built out this space and we'll put photos, we'll put a link to the store and show photos of the space. Cause it's a beautiful space, but you guys did it like, you know, you, you dreamed it, you built it. Tell us sort of where that came from the logo. I definitely want to, because I think the photo in your window, which I think might've been like an old Kodak photo of you and your brother. So tell us how, like maybe that was a seed of inspiration. I'd love to hear sort of the storytelling because it's such a beautiful space and I just think it has such a great feel to it.

1 (10m 52s):
Thank you. Yes. So speaking of the moment of insanity, we had a very short amount of time to get the store together because we want it to be open for may and for the June business. And I was doing kind of all the business side of things and, you know, getting orders in and making sure that we were on deadline and my husband who is so talented in so many different ways, but is also amazing at, at building. But he, he built everything in the store, basically all of my fixtures in order to, you know, come on a budget for a small business fixtures can get very expensive.

1 (11m 36s):
And so I am so lucky to have Jason who is super talented in that area and loves to do it, but just never has the time because of his career. And so, you know, he always jokes that I locked him in this space for like a month and said, okay, don't come out and fed him sandwiches, you know, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, and anyways, we got it done, but yeah, without him, this dream of Hamlin and how it's come to be without his support, I, it just, I would have never gotten it done. So I'm so grateful to have such a supportive husband.

0 (12m 13s):
So tell us a little bit about his background. He has been entertainment, but like what, what drew him into building or, you know, and what has he done in entertainment? Cause he's had a bunch of different roles in some like kind of crazy COVID role this past year as well.

1 (12m 31s):
Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, he, through, through COVID he's learned a lot about COVID and has had to become a, kind of like a COVID supervisor now in the entertainment world, that is an actual job and a department, but when things were opening back up and movies were starting to get rolling, you know, everybody had to kind of learn on the spot on how to keep everybody safe and keep production going and not shut down because as are all people's jobs on the lines and, and yeah, and currently he's a production supervisor. He works on, he works in film and he does, you know, pretty big budget, blockbuster movies is what he typically works on and it's all consuming.

1 (13m 15s):
So he he's he's I hear on the weekends mostly. You'll see,

0 (13m 19s):
I tried to get him on today. Just sort of tell about his part in the experience, but I know that he's so slammed. So where did his love of like building stuff out, come from? Was that something that he'd done as a kid or yeah,

1 (13m 30s):
Yeah. He, he grew up with it. He had his own workshop, you know, in the back of his parents' yard, had a love for construction at an early age, age, focused on that in college, you know, but one thing leads to another and you know, you, you change careers, you make a shift and that's how he found himself in the movie business. I love

0 (13m 53s):
It a little bit more about Hamlin. I love the experience. Tell us about the photo.

1 (14m 1s):
Sure. Yeah. So we create, we actually created the logo first and then the Kodak moment came second. And that was just sort of an organic question to Jason when I'm brainstorming. And this photo, which you'll see in the window of my store is a photo that just continues to pop up in my life, in this very digital world that we live in. It's an actual photo, an actual Polaroid and, and it just kept presenting itself in my life. And it makes me so happy because it's just such an authentic moment of my mom taking one photo. She didn't there wasn't a filter. It wasn't perfect.

1 (14m 41s):
She just snapped that photo because I had dressed myself in the middle of the summer, in my grandmother's poncho that she had crocheted me. It's still a mystery whose hat that is that I have on my head, but I came outside and that's me being me. And she's always been supportive of that. And I think that that's part of the magic of that photo and the happiness that it brings. And my brother is right behind me, who has always been a guardian of his little sister since the day I was born. And then, you know, our family car in the driveway, it's just all golden yummy memories. And I am always so grateful to my parents for, for providing that for me.

1 (15m 25s):
And I feel very lucky. Yeah. It's

0 (15m 27s):
Like the perfect little, was it the eighties or

1 (15m 30s):
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It's definitely the eighties. I'm an eighties child. And I just, it just kind of presented itself to me again when we were brainstorming and I was working on branding and I said to Jason, I go, is this just crazy? If I blow this photo up and put it in the window? And he said, no, do it, do it. You know, and I second guessed myself. I questioned myself all the time. That's the creative process, especially when you're putting your face out there. That's definitely not my style, but with his support, it was just like a no brainer I had to do it

0 (16m 6s):
Well. And it's just as much as I love the photo. I love the installation. So tell us what it's printed on. Cause it's a pull, it's a pull down. Oh

1 (16m 17s):
Yeah. I mean, it's like a pull-down shade, I guess I would say. Yeah, innovative. Right? I mean, that goes back to, you know, the build-out and how are we going to get this done and, you know, stay within budget to create the space that we truly wanted to create for him on.

0 (16m 40s):
Okay. So tell us a little bit more, so a couple of other things I love about this store. So see the curation is fantastic. And as somebody who grew up in California, it feels like it has a little bit of an LA vibe, the clothing you've got kids, staff. Tell us a little bit about the mix and what's in there. And what was the idea behind that?

1 (16m 58s):
Yeah, so it's a modern lifestyle store and, and I think that's kind of a newer term as far as stores go. Not everyone knows what that is, but you know, at the end of the day we are a store, but we focus on products that are west coast inspired, also east coast inspired, and we're bringing it here to Georgia for everyone to come and see and discover. It's just, there's just influences from everywhere that we've lived and relationships that we've built and things that we've been inspired by or different products and just stuff that we think is cool and worth sharing. And also products that we think the residents here will love, or also people traveling in and visiting Sarah and VI as well.

1 (17m 44s):
And at the end of the day, if you, I hope that anyone that walks through my store can find something for themselves or if they're looking for someone else. But I also just want people to be happy when they come in my store, whether it's the music or just the vibe I, at the end of the day, opening my doors. I wanted everybody to be welcome on that first day we opened, I just wanted people to feel welcome and happy when they came into my store. Maybe you discover something new, maybe you meet somebody. Maybe you hear a song that you haven't heard in a long time, or maybe you get to meet me. We have a great conversation, but that's what drives me. And that's, that's my passion and an opening Hamlin.

0 (18m 27s):
Yeah. And I think the magic, one of the magical things about CMB is all of the retailers. You know, the retailers are such the fabric of, you know, the streets and Seren B owns them. You know, they're all independent. They all have kind of their own feel and different mix. One of the things that I'm hoping comes back post COVID is Steve, you remember the big wheel contest?

1 (19m 2s):
Yes. So the adult big wheel race, that was a blast. And you know, that the inspiration for big wheels was let's just do something that brings everybody together that brings the community together, makes all the adults feel like kids again, you know, and, and yeah, there's, we're, we're working on it, you know, we missed last year because of COVID and it was such a bummer, but we're excited to bring it back. We've had residents asking about it and we've just been kind of taking the temperature and, you know, wanting to make sure it's the right thing. And, and yeah, we're super excited. We're starting to work on all the details.

1 (19m 44s):
So I hope everybody is ready.

0 (19m 47s):
Yes. Well, and the teams last year were half the fun. I mean the big wheels were incredible, but everybody dressed up, they had three costumes. That's great. And that was organic,

1 (20m 2s):
You know, that, that kind of happened on its own. And we, we definitely ended up giving a prize for it because we were so happy that everyone was so into it and created their team costumes and everything. And so, yeah, we'll see what this year brings. We just, we just want everybody to have a good time and we just want to give back to, you know, everyone in the community that supports us, you know, I can't say enough, especially in the last year, all the residents and people that kept my door open people that called people that made orders. That's what big wheels at the end of the day is about, is just doing something to give back to all of our people that supported us from the beginning.

1 (20m 45s):
Oh, it's a super

0 (20m 46s):
Blast. And it's right in front of the store and the streets get closed up. I'm going to date up some, some of the team photos. I know we have them somewhere.

1 (20m 53s):
Yeah, I do too. Yeah. Well, and

0 (20m 55s):
You've done other fun events. Tell us a little bit about how you use your space and the different kinds of artists and that you've supported from clothing to actual painting to some other cool ideas, biophilic poster contest. I think you supported a film. Tell us about like all of these fun things that you've done in the past and you know, that maybe wouldn't typically be a retail experience, but you've made it's more to your point modern lifestyle. So what are some of your favorites besides the big wheels?

1 (21m 32s):
Oh my gosh. So yeah, Hamlin is just, I, I call the Hamlin family because we're just an eclectic crew and you don't necessarily have to, you know, make jewelry or apparel. But some of the, some of my favorites of course, is the biophilic poster competition. That was so much fun to be the home of those posters. And to have people coming in from the exhibit into the store, talking about which piece inspired them, you know, they couldn't decide on just one. They ended up buying three. It was just such a cool exhibit and loved, loved, loved working with them.

1 (22m 13s):
And another artist that I have worked with in the past and hope to get some new pieces in soon is Ash Wheeler. She paints moons, she's going to school to be an astrophysicist. She was going to school for art and then changed her major, kind of right at the end of her, she was almost graduating and decided that she wanted to, you know, become an astrophysicist. And, but her love is moons and I've always been drawn to the moon. My logo has a moon in it, and that was just sort of happened. I didn't want a moon in my logo.

1 (22m 53s):
It's just part of the brainstorming and that's what I chose. So it just kinda made sense. She had come in one day and that relationship started and she had never worked with a retailer before. And so we just winged it and, and I was so lucky to have her beautiful moons in the store for a few months until someone came and scooped them all up. And it was wonderful, but I was a little sad because I just love him so much, but I love that someone else loved them just as much as me. And that's what it's all about sharing. That's

0 (23m 26s):
Great. And so we think she's going to come back with some more moons or a different,

1 (23m 30s):
Yeah. So yeah, we'll, we'll definitely bring in some more moons this time around, it will be a little bit different, maybe kind of all of the different colors of shades of the moon. We'll see. We haven't really started out. We've just been kind of it around, but it'll be a little bit different than what we did the Glasgow.

0 (23m 51s):
Yeah. I love it. And you'll also use spill out into the street and you have this great courtyard and you've done, you've supported cocktail artists, you know, tell us a little bit of that because that's a fun

1 (24m 3s):
Yeah. We, we have, again, another wonderful person that we know who's super talented in making different cocktails, just kind of like that person that will put a few things together. And you're you say, there's no way that's going to taste good or there's no way I'm going to like that because I like this, this and that kind of cocktail. And so, yeah. And I don't know, anytime we meet somebody like that, that is super talented. We just want to bring them in and share their talents with everyone. You know, if we're enjoying it, everyone else will too. And so this is such a great place with all the residents and all of our customers to, to share that as well.

1 (24m 43s):

0 (24m 44s):
One of the things I wanted to ask and, and, and you brought up the moon and your logo is where did the name come from? Hamlin?

1 (24m 52s):
Yeah. Everyone thinks that it was my maiden name, or it is my last name. If they don't know me, but it's actually a street in Chicago and it kind of goes back to that golden childhood and, you know, being so thankful for my parents and everything that they've done for me. Hamlin avenue is a street that they bought their first kind of classic Chicago bungalow home. It's where my brother and I spent our first younger years. And, you know, anytime I go back home, even still to this day, or just growing up, my parents would always talk about Hamlin avenue. Do you remember on Hamlin avenue? You know, and there would be this amazing story of growing up or something that had happened.

1 (25m 32s):
And so just one day it popped into my head. If I ever did anything, I think I'd call it Hamlin. And so that had been sitting in my pocket for a few years and, and again, it just kind of all came together when opportunity presented itself.

0 (25m 49s):
It's super fantastic. One of the other things that I know everybody asks about is your music. They come into the store and they're like, what, what is your plan? Tell me about that. Like, I think you, you created a Spotify channel, right? So we can everybody do that.

1 (26m 4s):
Yeah. Our Spotify channel is most of our, most of the playlist are called, Hey Hamlin, whether it's, Hey, Hamlin chill or Hey Hamlin, 60 seventies, eighties, easy rock. That's a very eclectic playlist, but that basically goes back to growing up. And those are my happy songs. That's when I was rollerskating around in the basement as my dad tinkered on whatever project he was working on that list, there just, it's just all about fun and happiness. And yeah, we, we do a couple other, Hey, Hamlin, soul Hamlin Indy, and you can find us on Spotify. You can just search Hey Hamlin, or we should pop up.

1 (26m 45s):
Yeah. I mean, music's a big part of Hamlin. We love it. We love to support it. We we've, you know, made friends with a few musicians. You know, we did have some live music in the courtyard. We just, we love music. It's part of our life. So it's a part of, of Hamlin.

0 (27m 5s):
Yeah, definitely. So what's in store for Hamlin and we've got the big wheel con contest coming up June 12th. Yeah. But what's, what's the future look like?

1 (27m 16s):
Oh my gosh, I don't know. You know, everything has been going so well, you know, I was just super happy to have like one year under my belt and then to make it through a pandemic. Oh my gosh. You know, that's huge. And so this year is kind of like a recalibrating year, you know, last year was just sort of about surviving and continuing to push forward. Of course. But this year is a bit of recalibrating and, and, and kind of focusing on what, what, what is the future for Hamlin? We, we definitely want to do some more events, you know, maybe some more live music.

1 (27m 58s):
We'll bring Kevin back, our bartender Xtrordinair. I just feel like this year people are to want to celebrate and get out and do some more things, you know, because we haven't been able to in the last year, so hoping to just provide some really great experiences.

0 (28m 16s):
Well, and also just sort of like some street shopping because all our stores, we're not in a mall, you know, all, everything rolls out into the street and the weather's so great. And I just love, love the music on the street and just sort of wander, hang out with everybody.

1 (28m 32s):
Yeah, totally.

0 (28m 33s):
Are you guys at all? I know you guys have an online store, so everybody can go there and shop that, or it'd get a little sense of what you have. Obviously we want you to come and shop in person and we'll have you sign up for the big wheel contest. Any other thoughts on, like, how has it been, you know, being a resident and a small business owner here, you know, is that been sort of added to, or is that kind of crazy? Do you want to hide some times or,

1 (29m 3s):
Oh my gosh. Well, I, at the end of the day, I'm always so grateful that I I've been able to open my store in a community like this. Did I ever think that that was going to happen? No. I mean, I thought, you know, wherever my store would be, I didn't know what that would look like, but how lucky am I to have a business in a community with community members? You know, where a lot of them feel like family? Yes. It can be a lot. I am human knowing everybody and talking all day. Sometimes I think anybody in a role where they have to talk all day, sometimes you just got to go home and turn it all off.

1 (29m 49s):
But, but my relationships and the people in and B and the people that I meet who travel in and are staying here though, that experience that I have with those people, that's what gets me out of bed every day. That's what inspires me. I feel so lucky to get to do this. Like this is, this is what I've always wanted to do. So to be here, to start out in Sarah and B, I just, I really feel lucky.

2 (30m 18s):
And we're so fortunate that you and Jason are here and every shop owner. I mean, I came from Pilates this morning and, and Lauren, all of these people have sort of had a life change. And now they're doing following a dream or sometimes things they hadn't even thought about. And it makes this whole fabric such an interesting tapestry. So thanks for y'all being part

1 (30m 42s):
Of this. Thank you so much.

2 (30m 45s):
So what's the big surprise that you have seen while you've been exploring ceremony, especially those early days that, that, that you would encourage visitors to maybe seek out or find that isn't obvious when they arrive and walk the streets between the restaurants and the shops.

1 (31m 7s):
There are so many things, but I think just finding that peace from wherever you're coming from or whatever, you're kind of getting away from, whether it's just to have some downtime, I think, to really challenge yourself, to be still, to find a place in the woods, find a trail and just soak it up because we're so busy. We're so inundated with all the things all the time. And I think that's part of what brought us to Sarah and B is that we, we felt ourselves slowing down and that it's okay to slow down and just enjoy being still, maybe doing nothing.

1 (31m 51s):
You know, we're always so busy. It's so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness. And I like that we live in a place that reminds us to slow down. And so for anybody visiting that, make that, make that a to-do, you know, just find a place and just take in the air, taking the sounds, taken, how you feel. I just think that goes a long way. These days. It

2 (32m 19s):
Reinforces the foundation of the name, Sarah and B the last two letters. That's right. Yeah.

0 (32m 28s):
Well, thank you so much, Stacy, for visiting with us today. We love Hamlin. We'll be in shopping this weekend and we'll be signing up for the big wheel

1 (32m 37s):
Race. Yes. Thank you so much for me. Appreciate it so much. I do still have some of the biophilic posters I do. Yes, I do. And we can, we also can continue to print anything that if, if anybody wants a different print, we also are working with a local printer to a neighbor who can print any of those, those posters.

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